logo representing Lobus Limbus consisting of a stylized human head with attached dragonfly wings


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Visuals I

See some of my comissioned design works here:


picture showing a collection of commissioned works for BIMM Berlin

Visuals II

See some of my free/personal design works here:


collage depicting a human hand processed during an autopsy

About me

Psychologist by training (Dipl.-Psych.), currently focussing on oncology as a salaried science journalist and editor for Springer Medizin. As a freelancer I cover the whole range of science, from art to zoology.

I have research/work experience in the field of psychiatry (e.g. MHH), criminology (e.g. KFN), neuroscience (e.g. University of Marburg), media research (e.g. IWM-KMRC) and empirical aesthetics (e.g. IWM-KMRC).

Also, I create selected visual designs (cover, poster, flyer, scientific illustrations, logos etc.) upon request (see General Terms & Conditions). See my Flickr profile for a small selection; some of my album art works are also listed on Discogs).

photograph showing Moritz Borchers